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Hong Kong is a city of so many diverse cultures, a treasure chest of traditions, a melting pot of languages and home to a population of 7.7 million people.

The Gay Games have never before been held in Asia, geographically the world’s largest continent and home to an estimated 221 million LGBT+ people. But Asia is also a region where there is an on-going struggle to overcome homophobia and acceptance. 

We believe that hosting the Gay Games for the first time in Asia will be an amazing experience for the whole world: for people who have never been to Asia, it will be a chance to experience the kindness, the culture, the food and the different ways of life of this part of the world.

For people from Asia it will be a great opportunity to join the event close to their homes. It will be a never-to-be-forgotten experience to Participate, to strive for their Personal Best and to feel the Inclusiveness of joining an event that’s bigger than themselves in a sport, arts & culture event festival together with more than 12,.000 participants and >75,00 spectators.

Everyone is welcome to participate, regardless what you look like, your background or your sexual identify is or what your roots are. Our theme is #UnityInDiversity because we believe that GGHK will bring our diverse community together.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Hong Kong, 11-19 November 2022 and we want to thank you for your support!

Warm regards,

DENNIS PHILIPSE, Founder, Co-chair 

LISA LAM, Co-chair & Legal Counsel

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