想要加入我们吗?你可以透过「这里」了解更多关于加入香港同乐运动会的资讯 这里.


My name is Hervien. I am a sports coordinator volunteering in the swimming events of Gay Games 11 Hong Kong 2022.

I learnt about Gay Games 11 Hong Kong 2022 from Simon, co-founder of Splash. I am attracted by the values that the gay games is promoting. Without any doubt, I signed myself up to get involved in my favourite sport, swimming!

Swimming is my favourite sport and I have been swimming competitively since my young age, including recently at the Fina World Masters Championship 2019 in Gwangju, Korea. I hope my passion can help make a contribution and successfully bring this game to Hong Kong!

The reasons that I joined Gay Games Hong Kong are not only that I can contribute to my favourite sport, but also because Hong Kong is my home. I grew up here and it is such a lively and vibrant city! What is better than introducing my home town and promoting swimming to everyone through volunteering in the Gay Games Hong Kong 2022, an event that promotes diversity, inclusion and participation? Regardless of where you are from, who you are and what your gender is, everyone should be feeling welcomed to play in the sports that they like!

I am excited and looking forward to meeting more swimming lovers from around the world through Gay Games 11 Hong Kong 2022!

I am working in the legal industry and I love doing a few different sports, including swimming, dragonboat and martial arts. I am active and love spending time in the outdoors!


I learned about the Gay Games when they first held a logo competition. They asked for technical advice and from there, I volunteered myself to be part of the Games.

My parents brought me up to be selfless – even if we have nothing, we know that there is still something for us to give: our time.

I became a volunteer for the opportunity to be part of Gay Games history. I am amazed how united the diversified HK community is. I am able to share to a wider audience, the things that I enjoy and live for.

I moved from Hong Kong to Singapore in 2017 but that didn’t stop me from my role as part of the team. I currently work in digital advertising by day and night. I’m not a sports person myself but I definitely enjoy watching team athletics and swimming.

I love Hong Kong’s unique and thriving outdoor culture. People enjoy going places and exploring the Territory (islands and new spaces). The country always has a door for new adventures!


I am Alfie and my role at Gay Games 11 Hong Kong 2022 will be assisting creative director Tommaso Panerai in graphic design and creative coordination. I also plan to participate in water polo games.

I am highly active in inclusive sports, I play water polo and dodgeball. I have always been wanting to be a part of Gay Games.

Sports bring people together and I love the connection that I make through sports. I am a strong believer that sports belong to the people who take part in it. It gets me aliveness and joy playing water polo and others sports and it is an honour to be able to assist Hong Kong to be the host of Gay Games. Words cannot begin to express my excitement. I am touched, moved and inspired by those who created this and it is my pleasure to contribute to this. I am here to bring people together through sports and share the joy that I experience when I am part of it.

I was born in Hong Kong. My root is in Hong Kong and I will never forget what this incredible city has offered me and why it never ceases to amaze and inspire, especially for creative people, designers and architects like me!

Hong Kong excites me because the spirit of this city is invincible.


My name is Mark. I am a visual artist and sculptor based in Brisbane, Australia, and I will be assisting in a creative support role within the Fundraising Team.

I was living, working, and studying in Hong Kong at the end of 2019; I had the privilege of meeting many wonderful people through the hiking and activities hosted by Out in HK – some of the group being involved in the momentous task of organising the 2022 Games.

Hong Kong is where my father was born and spent his early years, so the chance to be a temporary resident last year was a dream come true – it felt like a homecoming despite myself not being an original Hongkonger. During our stay, my partner and I experienced much of what Hong Kong has to offer and were humbled to receive welcome in abundance. Volunteering for the Gay Games is an opportunity to continue these connections and support the community that supported us.

I was studying and working on Australian projects while we were in Hong Kong, so there were many instances where I was time-poor. But, Hong Kong is a city that lends itself to being very accessible for outdoor activities and socialising – it was easy to simply go on a hike and meet new people, which is what my partner and I did (and will do when ever we get to return!)

I have a strong family connection (both in older and newer ways) to this city. Because of this, I previously thought I had the place all figured out… but Hong Kong continues to surprise and delight me with its dynamism, beauty, and brilliance.


I learnt about the Gay Games from Dennis this year. I am sad that I didn’t know about its existence before, but very grateful to know now, and feel privileged to have a role in bringing it to life in Hong Kong.

My life philosophy boils down to equality, the fact that we need to break barriers of shame, stereotypes, taboos – so we can be our authentic selves and understand ourselves as amazing, unique individuals, connected by the same magical force.

I grew up in Hong Kong, and while I love this city – its beauty, diversity, energy – I think it needs more education and awareness around acceptance and addressing very traditional attitudes surrounding topics like gender and sexuality, not to mention mental health. While I identify as heterosexual, I am 10000% committed to using my platforms to be an ally for the LGBTQ community; and making this world a more inclusive place where everyone feels that they rightfully belong.

I am an artist, illustrator and designer based here in Hong Kong. In my daily life, I work on commissions for clients, both personal and corporate, which can range from custom hand crafted artwork, to digital illustration, to graphic design. I am also currently working on my own solo series.

I do Muay Thai as a form of physical exercise and mental clarity. It has gifted me so much strength. I like to also explore Hong Kong’s hiking trails, when the weather is cooler.

Hong Kong is a city of juxtapositions. traditional and modern, eastern and western, influences of various cultures and backgrounds coming in from every corner. Mountain, sea and concrete. Work hard, play hard, and also relaxation and meditation. There aren’t enough ways to describe the diversity of this city, which is what I think makes it so special. It is my home, and a kingdom of opportunity.


As a member of the Fundraising team I am responsible for the ERG Employee Resource Groups (ERG). I will be a liaison for the Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) teams of companies, banks and law firm to help them support the Gay Games in a way they like best.

They could prepare a corporate sports team, send volunteers, support a team that could not afford the participating fee and flights, attend community sports events and many many more. In June 2020 I will take a 6 months sabbatical to be able to full time focus on the Gay Games 11.

I participated in the Amsterdam, Sydney and Paris Gay Games. I know from personal experience how important they are and how they can make a real change. When Dennis told me in 2016 about his plans to bid for the Gay Games 2022 I was immediately excited about it.

I have been living in Hong Kong for two years and I noticed how much difference there still is between my home town Amsterdam and Hong Kong. A large number of people are still in the closet. Like I was for a couple of years, thirty years ago. I advised a Hong Kong colleague to visit the Gay Pride in Amsterdam in 2016 and when he returned he said: thank you, I now better understand your concern and your drive to change things in Asia. 

For the first time in his life he experienced the feeling to be completely open and out and be supported and welcomed by so many people around you, both gay and straight.

Another young female colleague thought being gay is a choice and I told her, no you are born like this and I am not sure if I, at the time, would have chosen to be a lesbian. For these two perhaps small and simple examples I truly believe the Gay Games in Hong Kong can and should make a difference. Things are already changing for the better, slowly but truly, the moment is there, let us use it and make it happen!

(note that evidence showed that hosting the Gay Games does improve the acceptance of LGBT people in these cities).

At the moment I live in Amsterdam. I am a corporate M&A lawyer working for a bank. I play tennis and joined the Hong Kong Open tennis tournament from the start three years ago. Last year I was the tournament director of the Pinkster Tournament, a large LGBT tennis tournament in Amsterdam. I also like hiking (which is just walking in the Netherlands..) boxing and swimming and skiing in winter. 

I fell in love with Hong Kong in 2012, when I first worked there for my company. I have seen it changing over the years, but the mountain trails and dim sum are still there…


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I cannot remember exactly when I heard of the Gay Games and Hong Kong’s ambition to host them but was approached by the original organising team. I had a meeting with Dennis Philipse about involvement of my employer in supporting the process early on.

I was fortunate to have been in Command of the flight bringing the Hong Kong Gay Games bid committee back from Paris with a WIN!! Our entire flight deck crew consisted of LGBT+ members and we were so proud to be bringing the games back to Hong Kong. Since then, I have followed the Games’ progress and with my personal passion in sailing, thought this the perfect avenue to explore what contributions I could make to our cities’ hosting of this global event. I look forward to contributing my technical and operational expertise into the organisation and running of the Gay Games sailing events.

My daily life outside of my role as a manager quality assurance of flight and cabin operations, revolves around keeping fit and keeping social. Of course, I also sail! Whilst mainly cruising in Hong Kong, we will enter races such as to Macau, Subic Bay in the Philippines and Around the Island in Hong Kong. I have also raced as crew in the Solaris Cup in Sardinia and chartered yachts in Australia, Italy and Croatia.

Hong Kong excites me because of the diverse environment from the buzz of a 24 hour-a -day city to the deserted bays, beaches and mountains. Of course, the people are very special – hard working, resilient and friendly.


My name is Michael and I’m the Football Coordinator volunteering for the football event of Gay Games 11 Hong Kong 2022.

I was fortunate to be attending a TEDx presentation session and Dennis Philipse give a talk on winning the Gay Games for Hong Kong and what it could mean for our community.

I am motivated by the motto of the Gay Games, 多元中共融. I believe that sport can be a great avenue to bring people together and promote diversity, liberty and togetherness. The Gay Games is an example of this potential. 

I am fortunate to be able to help coordinate the football for the Games. I have spent a lot of my time playing and watching football and seen how the game brings people together. I have seen people from all around the world enjoy this game together and find community and unity in the game. Football’s global breadth means it can play a unique role to develop understanding and diversity.  

I am working in the medical device and startup industry in Hong Kong. I love getting outdoors and participating in different sports, including football and trail running.

I am excited to welcome the world of football and sport to Hong Kong in 2022. Hong Kong has a unique place in Asia, at the cross-roads between east and west, to lead and bring people together.



I initially heard about it from Mark Thomsen, but I didn’t really get to know it well until Scott Hessels invited me to curate an exhibition for the art programme in GGHK2022.

Sports unite communities, so does art. There’s tremendous synergy when art and sports work in tandem. 

I’m a curator and researcher in media art. While I do love to feel good during and after exercise, e-sports is more my kind of thing. Though I’m not a pro-gamer, when I’m on the PlayStation, I like to consider myself conducting what we call “play research” in academia. 

I was born and raised in Hong Kong. Watching Hong Kong thrive in terms of equality is one aspect of the future of the city I look forward to.



I have competed at previous games, 2002 in Sydney and 2006 in Chicago. This time I heard about Hong Kong’s bid through a friend. I want to share my experience at previous games to help organise the best games, promote a healthy lifestyle, diversity and inclusion at GG2022. 

Everyone can play a part. It’s not about winning a competition or getting a medal. To me, it is about making my best effort to achieve my personal best in any event. I manage two teams, one in Hong Kong and one in Taiwan. I often travel on business. I feel that I can bring my people management and project management skills to the games. 

I am passionate about sports, in particular aquatics sports. I have competed in swimming, diving and water polo at previous games. Hong Kong is a vibrant city and a thriving business and financial hub. What a lot of people do not know is that Hong Kong has a lot of country parks and beaches. Nature is less than 30 minutes away from most places in Hong Kong.


I learned about GGHK2022 from Lisa Lam (General Counsel), who I enjoyed working for so much in a previous position that I agreed to do so again for such a worthy cause.

I’ve worked in Hong Kong for a long time now and I now have an opportunity to give something back and help others using what I have learned over that time. I hope that the games will improve the opinion of many in Hong Kong of what the LGBTQ community of all about.

I live in the New Territories with my beautiful wife and children, in an area where everything is close by; I can walk to the shops, swimming pool, sports centre and public transport hubs. The driving range is close and there are plenty of places to run or cycle. In addition to GGHK2022, I’ve also providing pro=bono advice to HandsOn Hong Kong, another worthy cause.

I like the closeness of it all. Everything is close at hand but there are still many unexplored corners where you can get away if you need to. People complain about the small houses but I think that it has helped bring my family closer than it would have been.


I remember the first-time meeting Dennis and Winnie from the Gay Games HK was at the documentary screening organised by the Hong Kong Pride Parade. They gave us a brief overview of the event and I decided to attend the Info Night the week after to find out more about this exciting organisation and see if I can be part of it too.

To look back, sports has always been a strong part in my life when I was little. It gives me strength to keep moving forward and stay healthy. Taekwondo, specifically, my most interested martial art has shaped me into a braver person. And with this big family here, I want to help our LGBTQ+ community to build a saver and more inclusive living environment together. 

I am a workaholic most of the time, but I love what I do. Sometimes I draw, sometimes I make models and take pictures. I record videos too when I am in a traveling mood. Not exercising much now, I set fitness tasks and workout at home occasionally. Commute will do the rest. 

Although I am a local, there are still many hidden gems awaits to discover in this city. Everything keeps me curious, and everywhere keeps me excited. To name one, I still love to ride and enjoy the road scene on the upper deck of the Ding Ding.



I’ll be co-organizing the showcase of new media arts and design, presenting the AIDS quilt in a new way, producing a suite of mobile and online applications for ‘digital inclusion’, and creating an exhibition commemorating 40 years of Gay Games.

I learned about the Games through the activities group Out In Hong Kong and my friendship with the Director due to our shared interest in Art.

I believe art and new technologies are a unique way to reach members of our community who may not be able to come forward and be more visible. I plan to produce exhibitions and online/mobile apps that create safe spaces for inclusion and diversity as well as foregrounding Hong Kong’s cutting-edge uses of new media in art for immersive, interactive experiences.

I also plan to bring the AIDS Quilt to Asia for the first time and integrate it with emerging technologies to make it more meaningful and personal. I’m a sculptor who works with new tech but am also involved in alternative data visualisation.

I teach at Asia’s leading art school for creative media and enjoy both hiking and swimming. Hong Kong is the number 3 art market in the world–it’s home to world-class curators, exhibitors, collectors, galleries and museums. The dynamism of art here is currently getting an infusion of adrenaline as more artists here begin exploring immersive experiences, interactivity, mobility and other new techs. Art is becoming alive and I’m glad to be part of this new movement.


I learned about the Gay Games from the movie The Shiny Shrimps last year. I would like to join to have fun, to do something creative for a LGBTQ+ organisation and to be proud of myself and my contribution.

I don’t do sport, but I love drawing, watching artistic gymnastics, TV shows and Movies. Hong Kong excites me because it’s international, diverse and free.


I’m Rick Peterson from Seattle, USA. Today I’m helping global brands partner with Gay Games 11 Hong Kong 2022 as a member of the fundraising team, focused on global brand partnership development.

When I first came out as a gay man in the 1970s there were no organized opportunities to build community and friendships through sport. It just didn’t exist in the LGBTQ community—anywhere in the world—outside a little bowling and softball. That was about it. The advent of Gay Games in 1982 changed that forever.

I first became involved in Gay Games in 1984 when I co-founded both the Orca Swim Team and Team Seattle to build participation for Gay Games 2 in San Francisco 1986. Soon after, I was elected first co-president of the Federation of Gay Games in 1989, serving through Gay Games 3 in Vancouver 1990, Gay Games 4 in New York 1994, through awarding Gay Games 5 to Amsterdam for 1998, thus sending Gay Games beyond the shores of North America for the first time.

In 2017 as an honorary life member of the Federation of Gay Games, I cheered in the room as Gay Games 11 was awarded to Hong Kong 2022—marking a ground-breaking opportunity to bring the hope, inspiration and passion of Gay Games to Asia for the first time.

Through my career in advertising, I have a studied interest in marketing and brand development. I came up through the creative side of the business, initially as an award-winning writer and creative director, then eventually as co-founder and president of Hydrogen Advertising—a  full-service independent ad agency based in Seattle focused on health & wellness, financial services and technology sectors.

I clearly see Gay Games as a huge storytelling opportunity and a powerful way for leadership brands to visibly and authentically engage with the global LGBTQ community in ways that can also achieve important business goals.

Gay Games 11 Hong Kong 2022 will be an enormous and historic opportunity to durably improve the visibility and lives of LGBTQ people throughout Asia along with the communities they live in. It will change perceptions, open new doors and foster ongoing community enrichment through emerging LGBTQ sport teams and cultural groups in many communities throughout the Asia Pacific region—long after the Gay Games Hong Kong flame is extinguished at closing ceremonies in 2022.


I first heard about it when I saw an event at PMQ during the bidding process, and I discovered Hong Kong was aiming to host the games! 

Fast forward a couple years later and here we are, preparing for the first gay games in Asia!

Im excited to be part of such a multicultural and exciting event that will bring our community into the Hong Kong (and Asian) mainstream. There’s a really promising future for LGBTQIA in the region and its this kind of feature that will help achieve that.

I used to play a lot of water polo but now I’m focusing on my gym routines (and stress relief!)

Hong Kong is one of my favourite places in the world. I’m honoured to be able to make this place home, there’s never a dull moment.


I moved to Hong Kong in September 2019 and prior to moving I was researching ways to get involved in the local LGBT+ community. I came across the Gay GamesI wanted to contribute something to the local LGBT+ community using my skills as an accountant. Competitive sport was a big part of my life throughout university and after, as I used compete nationally and international in Dancesport and formation dancing, so I was excited to see that the Gay Games also includes a Dancesport category. As such, the Gay Games perfectly combined my passions for diversity and sport!

I relocated to Hong Kong to join my partner who had moved here two years ago. I transferred to the Hong Kong office of the company where I worked in the UK. An accountant by training, I still work in finance and am also trying to kickstart an LGBT+ employee network here in the Hong Kong office.

Since moving to Hong Kong, I’ve gone back to the gym and have enjoyed getting into F45. I also very much enjoy running and try to hike as often as possible to make the most of HK’s beautiful trails.

I also brought my bicycle from the UK and plan to get out on some rides with a cycling group at some point!

Hong Kong such a diverse and vibrant city. Its fast-pace keeps you on your toes and you constantly meet new interesting people.


My friend Greg Morley told me about Gay Games and that was my introduction to this great event.

Having recently retired I am looking for an opportunity to use my skills and talents to give back.  I think this is a great way for me to give back to the gay community as well as make a difference in Hong Kong where I have lived for over 10 years.   

Some days I’m not sure where the time goes! I enjoy regular work outs and outdoor activities such as hiking. tennis and kayaking.

I love to travel (not much at the moment though) and through my travels learn about other cultures and people.

I’ve also recently and for the first time ever, started to cook! Anyone got some tips on how to bake bread?

Hong Kong is such a vibrant city which run 24 hours a day. Its compact and easy to get around, there is so many different types of food available and it’s the place where I met my husband. 


I first got involved with the Gay Games many years ago as a volunteer for the Sydney Games in 2002. I was working in the marketing and events team (long before social media as we know it today) so I had the very hard task of going to parties and events around Sydney promoting the games. I was also very lucky to be the flag bearer for the Singaporean team during the opening ceremony, which was just the most amazing experience. So when I heard the games were going to be held in Hong Kong (20 years since my last experience) I really wanted to get involved and I’m very thankful to be a part of the team and can’t wait for the games in 2022.

I’m originally from Sydney, however Hong Kong has been my home for the past 13 years and hopefully for many more to come. In my day job I am the head of People and Culture
for an international architecture practice, working with a diverse mix of creatives from all
over the world.

My father was a professional squash player and owned a squash centre when I was young. I grew up surrounded by a love of the sport and it was a major part of my life.

When I moved to Hong Kong I immediately joined a squash club as a way to meet people and stay active. I’ve played many sports over the years from tennis, baseball, netball,
touch football, rugby, cricket and I’ve just recently started playing hockey. I’ve even had the privilege of representing Hong Kong playing Gaelic football and Camogie at the Asian Games.

Through sports I have I met so many wonderful people from all over the world and I can’t wait to meet many more when the games come to Hong Kong in 2022!

Hong Kong is such a diverse city, and it’s this diversity and energy that makes it so special and why I’ve made it my home. A lot of people think of Hong Kong just as high rise buildings and shopping centres, but there is so much more to it than that: you just need to get out there to find it!


I’m Doris and I’m part of the Creative Team / PR as English copywriter.

I’m proud to call Hong Kong my home, but there’s still a stigma around LGBTQIA topics in the
local community. Gay Games Hong Kong will encourage conversations and raise awareness on equality, and I’m excited to be part of the team that will help bring the event to life.

I’m a freelance writer based in Hong Kong and I love writing about all things related to food,
culture and lifestyle. To destress from city life, I like exploring strength training workouts on
Classpass and practice yoga to feel more connected to my body.

My city’s full of diversity, potential and opportunities. I can’t wait to see what it has in
store for all of us.


My name is Twiggie Snow, I am an Outreach Manager of Gay Games 11 Hong Kong(GGHK) 2022.

Four years ago, my friend invited me to join a party, and 3 volunteers were introducing Gay Games and history, at that moment, the GGHK team was bidding to host the game in Hong Kong, the first time in Asia. They want more people to join in the team.

I am the co-founder of Diversity Games Hong Kong, which is promoting the sport and activities to the diverse community including LGBT+.  I am also a freelancer working for an event production, experience in co-ordinate with marketing events. So I always helping on the LGBT+ activities in Hong Kong, such as Pink Dot Hong Kong and Hong Kong Pride.

I love sport and want to be the part of the GGHK team, it is because of Gay Game 11 Hong Kong2022, the worldwide LGBT+ sport event of the first time to Hong Kong and Asia, which is making the history, and let more people raise the LGBT+ diversity awareness. I want to provide my experience and network to make the Gay Game more popular in the local community.

I do enjoy all the sport, baseball, badminton, basketball, swimming, and e-sports. My favorite sport is hiking with my doggie, Snowy. I live near the country park, we hiking and chase the peacock every day.

Hong Kong is a multi-diversity society, we have a multicultural between traditional Chinese culture and Western culture.  You can have a traditional Yum-Cha (Chinese Dim Sum) for your breakfast and tasty pizza and nice coffee for your lunch.  Most of the Hongkongers can speak Cantonese, English, and Chinese. And I meet a lot of friends, they all come around the world.


The whole story started with an invitation of a hike by a friend. He is one of the organisers of a local LGBT+ community, Out in HK. By coincidence, I saw the recruitment post for the Gay Games and here I am. I am a lucky person. 

My family and all my friends know about my sexuality (that I am gay) and completely accept who I am. At the same time, it is not the same case for many people. Through the gay games, I hope to deliver a message – homosexuality is humanity like everyone is.

Apart from the ice figure skating, I love outdoor activities, especially water sports like swimming, wake surfing, and scuba diving.

Hong Kong excites me because I love Dim Sum for sure! After some years of staying in different countries, I can say it is one of the best that you cannot find somewhere else. Other than this, the security and convenience in Hong Kong also amaze me. I work in a marketing agency, I specialise in the 360° marketing campaign for food & beverage as well as lifestyle-related business. I enjoy going to events and networking.


My company made videos for last Gay Games, as an editor, I watched so many footages about Gay Games Paris, and now this is happening here!

This is the first time Gay Games be held in Asia, it will surely become a significant milestone for LGBT rights in this part of the World.

As a proud Lesbian, I’ve never experienced hard time in self-acceptance but many LGBT in Asia do. That’s why I would like to join any events which can bring positive energy to LGBT. I will do as good as, then I will naturally become one of the members who will make Gay Games 2022 comes true. 

I usually work on video production on weekdays and play guitar if I have time. Since I can speak English, Malay, Cantonese and Mandarin, I have friends from different backgrounds. I enjoy getting along with them, it enables me to do better storytelling. By the way, I’m a Christian, church life is also a part of my life in Hong Kong.

I’m not a very sporty girl but I jog regularly, hiking is also one of my choices.



I support pride, diversity and promote the knowledge that the LGBTQI community is unique, open and welcoming and there’s no better place to do that than Hong Kong, where the lifestyle and opportunities are brighter than in my home country of the USA.


I first learnt about the Gay Games in 2002 since one of our teams playing in our annual volleyball league joined the game and won a medal in volleyball game in Australia – Gay Games VI 2002.

I started organising a gay “Superleague” volleyball league in Hong Kong since 1998 every year until 2013 due to the problem in getting venue.  I also participated in organising The Straits Games (TSG) in Hong Kong in 2010 meeting friends from different areas including Japan, China,Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia & Philippines to participate in volleyball, beach volleyball, bowling, tennis and badminton. 

I was invited to join the GGHK team and would like to share my past experience so that players from all around the world can enjoy a funable and well organised volleyball game here. I aim to promote sport especially volleyball and create more opportunities for local and overseas players to meet and play together and build up friendship. I am working under sales and marketing in the transportation industry and busy all the time and spend most of my leisure time in sports to relax myself. 

Other than volleyball, I also do yoga, swimming and tennis regularly. I was born here in Hong Kong and never stop loving this wonderful place. Hong Kong is an international metropolitan with culture mixing East and West together. It is a city full of energy with 24 hour non-stop day & night life. She has a good network of transportation where you can easily find your ways to eat, shop and enjoy your life. Rural areas in Hong Kong is also easily accessible where you can find beaches and hiking routes.


My name is Clarence Hui. My role at Gay Games 11 Hong Kong is dodgeball coordinator and I also plan to participate in dodgeball game.

The first time I heard about Gay Game was from Mr. Brian Li, the president of the Hong Kong Dodgeball Association. Then, knowing that the goal and purpose behind, I know this is an event I would never want to miss out.

As an athlete, I think that gathering different people to play sports all together is the most amazing thing, as people with different things going on in life can always be brought together through it, just like Gay Games do, one of the most meaningful sports events, which promotes sexual diversity and social acceptance of the LGBT community.

I believe that, through sports competitions, we can educate everyone to respect each other, no matter who they are and to
discover and appreciate our own values

I am very excited to introduce dodgeball to the Gay Games as it is the first time this sport is being featured in the Games. Also, I’m thrilled to be part of a Team organising this huge global event, that is going to be an unforgettable experience, with no doubt.

My goal is to bring dodgeball to Gay Games on 2022 and to the world in the future. I’m committed  to let the whole world know and appreciate this sport that I love so much.

2022 is going to be a big year for Hong Kong! Don’t you think so?

I have played dodgeball for around 5-6 years with Jacky Luen. We are dodgeball coordinators for the Games and we work closely on a daily basis, to boost the awareness and develop dodgeball in Hong Kong.


I was one of the inaugural members of Out In HK, an LGBTQ outdoor sports group founded by Dennis. And even when I left Hong Kong for my startup in Shanghai, I kept in touch with fellow members and the progress of the LGBTQ community in Hong Kong. I was thrilled to hear about HK’s successful bid to host the Gay Games. So, the minute I moved back to Hong Kong, I had wanted to get involved!

I believe, one day, there won’t be a distinction between Gay Games and The Olympics. But before that happens, there is a lot of work to do to empower the LGBTQ communities around the world, through art, culture, law, as well as sports. Gay Games is shining a spotlight on sportsmanship and queerness, and Gay Games Hong Kong 2022 is then inserting these topics in the context of Asia, where LGBTQ issues are only beginning to find a wider audience in recent years. I think the historic significance of this game cannot be overstated, and to be part of the team that helps contribute to these meaningful conversations and, perhaps, helping change real attitudes in the region, would be incredible.

To say I love hiking in Hong Kong is almost too much of a cliché, but the truth is, with the abundance of trails and sceneries, it’s hard to not like hiking in this city. Besides that, I also love this “Hunger Game” that my boyfriend regularly hosts, which is basically paintball/dodgeball with bow and (soft-tip) arrows.
Also, a proud doggo dad.

Hong Kong excites me because it keeps me close to my roots in Mainland China, while also embracing the diverse cultures beyond Asia. There are no other cities like this 😉


The first time I heard about GGHK was from Mr. Brian Li, the president of the Hong Kong Dodgeball Association. Hence, I realised that Gay Games is such a worldwide sports event similar to the Olympic Games, with the values of inclusion and diversity.

I believe that it would be a memorable experience to be a part of the Team. It is historical to have such a huge global event in Hong Kong (First time in Asia!) and I really want to contribute as a local sportsperson. Meanwhile, this is the first time that dodgeball is featured as a new subject in the stage. How can I miss it as a dodgeball professional?

I love sports! I can say sport is my life literally. I have played many and my favourite one is Dodgeball. I majored in Physical Education and Recreation Management just because I want to promote Dodgeball when I was a student. I am now the Coaching and Development Manager of the Hong Kong Dodgeball Association and I keep on working hard to achieve my dream.

Hong Kong excites me because it is the place of diversity. You can always find people who shared similar thoughts and passions. Just like the slogan of GGHK “Unity in Diversity”. You won’t be alone in HK, there is always a group of people standing by your side.


I learned about the Gay Games when I was in France in 2018, where the Gay Games 10 was held.

I am motivated to join the Hong Kong team as I believe there should not be any labels on Love, because Love is just Love.

After spending a few years in France and the UK, I witnessed their advanced progress in promoting LGBT+ equality, and I wonder why Asian places has lagged behind in the movement.

By seizing this golden opportunity, we could enhance the value of equal love within the city and establish a better image for Hong Kong as a LGBT friendly city.

I am passionate about backpack travel, agricultural activities, all kinds of movies and books as well as with sports. I have played table tennis over 10 years, and just embarked on the road of being a tennis player.

Hong Kong excites me because of its potential to develop its inclusiveness and diverse culture, while harmoniously tolerate each others’ differences and embracing uniqueness.



My name is Steve and my role at Gay Games 11 Hong Kong 2022 will be part of the Arts & Culture team with Shawn, as the Choir Co-ordinator for the performance events during the games and at the gala concert.

I have been a singer and drag performer here in HK for almost two years. Anyone who is part of the LGBTQ+ community knows about the Gay Games. The promotion work is fantastic. Dennis and his team have been a great supporter of performers here in HK and we have been very grateful for the support they have given us. I have close friends volunteering for the games and they enjoy the work they are doing with the team.

Although I am not a sporty kind of guy (I do love to swim, but go infrequently at the moment), I know the appeal of the games. My mum and sister went to the London Olympics and said it was one of the best experiences they had ever taken part in. I also had friends volunteer as ushers and security and they loved it. I’m hoping that a little bit of this Olympic spirit will rub off on HK for the Gay Games too.

Secondly, I know that the games (Olympics and Gay Games) offer more than just sport. The opening and closing ceremonies of the London 2012 games were amazing. I loved to watch them and wished I could have been involved. Being part of the HKGG arts and performance team will offer me that opportunity. As Choir Co-ordinator I will have the ability to help make connections across Asia with LGBT+ choirs and those choirs that support the LGBT+ community to create a fantastic choir concert and gala performance. Music and sport go hand in hand as they can help to move individuals and bring love into their lives. I am looking forward to being part of this performance movement.

In HK I am a part time English Language tutor, LGBT+ Happiness Life Coach and I’m also completing my Diploma in Counselling. I’ve a lot on. But I enjoy keeping busy. I spend my free time, with my husband, meeting my gay bear friends for drinks and food, shopping, going to the cinema. I love to swim on my afternoon off, I’m a real water baby. I am a winner of the Pink Season Drag Queen competition and I love performing as Stephanie Slack whenever I can. More of that please!

Hong Kong excites me because of the energy. Artistic energy, political energy, creative energy, the energy for hard work and play.


I first learnt about the Gay Games bid from Dennis through the Out in HK sports facebook group, then I volunteered on to Gay Games Hong Kong initial bid process. I have also participated in the 2018 Gay Games in Paris.

I am passionate in sports since high school and I am lucky to have participated in many national-wide sports competitions in many countries. Being an athlete, a coach, an event organizer, and have worked in sports industry before, I would like to contribute my experience and knowledge to organizing a fun and remarkable Gay Games in Hong Kong.

By bring Gay Games to Hong Kong, I would like to let all LGBT+ sports enthusiasts to enjoy a big sports event proudly in an inclusive and welcoming environment, especially for those serious sports athletes who are still not able to come out as who they are. I would also like to spread a message – being LGBT+ athletes are perfectly OK and you can shine your lights to the fullest by accepting yourselves and living out a positive gay life.

I am now an academic tutor and a sports event organiser. I enjoy the sport Orienteering for 20 years and it teaches me to be courageous to choose my own life paths through navigation in wilderness with a map and compass. Apart from that, I also hike, run, swim, and take part in road-running races.

I was born here, and when I was small, I learnt from school that Hong Kong is a place where east meets west. It is true! Hong Kong excites me by having many cultures fused together and many nice foods around the world – all within arm reach!

Apart from being a vibrant, 24-hour non-stop city, Hong Kong’s countryside is absolute amazing! Country parks cover half of Hong Kong’s territory and they are scattered around the city. Fresh air and stunning natural beauty is just half-an-hour away from the concrete jungle! I could always go there to relax and recharge myself during the week, and then I am revived for my city life again!


I came to Hong Kong in the fall of 2019. As I was preparing for the new chapter, I knew I wanted to be involved in queer movements in the city and found Gay Games with a bit of research.

Queer advocacy had always been an important part of my life. I moved to Shanghai alone when I was a teenager, came out soon after, and immediately found a family through Pride there. For a young gay man in his most formative years, the work that I did with local organizations helped me engage with the city and its communities at a different level, introduced some of the most lasting friendship into my life, and ultimately shaped who I am as a person. Even as I later moved to other places in the world, I have continued to stay involved. I wouldn’t have found my confidence as a queer individual today without the support of others in the community. Contributing whatever I can to initiatives like Gay Games is how I pay it forward.

Hong Kong has always been an exciting frontier of Asia, and I’m proud to now call it home. I hope that through my work, I’d be able to help nudge it towards embracing greater diversity. Gay Games brings together a truly amazing crowd of people who are passionate about enhancing queer visibility in sports and in in Asia in general. I couldn’t be more honored to be part of this.

On a nice day, you’ll find me hiking one of Hong Kong’s many trails while blasting house tracks through my speaker way too loud. On a really nice day, you’ll have better luck finding me on a beach with beer and McDonald’s. There aren’t a lot of places in the world where you find both mountains and waterfronts, best food from the east and the west, skyscrapers and village houses. Hong Kong offers so many contrasts, and I find that to be the most exciting.


My name is Simon Chung and my role at GGHK2022 is Dragon-boat Racing Co-coordinator.

I first learned about the Gay Games back in Oct 2017 when Hong Kong won their bid through the local media.
I am deeply honoured to part of the passionate GGHK2022 team of volunteers. My motivation in
joining the team comes from hearing that dragon boating, being the ultimate team sport with a rich traditional history of over 2500 years, is chosen and accepted as part of the GGHK2022.

Once the call for volunteers was announced, I immediately signed up without hesitation
Being an active dragon boat organiser, a passionate participant, as well as a student of the sport, I was thrilled and excited to learn that dragon boat will be one of the 36 sports featured at GGHK2022. At the same time, it is a wonderful opportunity for Hong Kong to showcase the international city to the world I believed Hong Kong is, and the fact that the Gay Games is the very first game to be held in Asia since its first game held at San Francisco back in 1982, it is a significant monument in itself and I want to be part of this important part of the history in any capacity and to make the GGHK2022 a success and an event to remember, an event that will
set the Bar for the future games.

I am working as a Certified Public Account here in Hong Kong. My daily routine involves
working closely with clients from all walks of life, with different cultural background, with their accounting and tax issues in Hong Kong. My main sport which I have been doing for the past 16 years is dragon boating. I train for 2-3 times a week here in Hong Kong for around 10 months per year. In the off season, I would do regular jogging to stay fit and healthy. I am also an active
Scout leader as volunteer with Hong Kong youths and volunteer at large sporting event such as the annual Hong Kong Marathon for many years.
Hong Kong excites me because it has been my home for the past 25 years, I was originally born here in Hong Kong but migrated to Sydney, Australia for 11 years to study before returning in 1993 to witness the handover from the British to China. Hong Kong is a unique multi-cultural society, a 24/7 city which never ever sleep, a city which will dazzle you with its culture, buildings, nightlife, food, boats and size. It is a vibrant city with so much to do.



I want to bring Gay Games to Asia and allow people to see the LGBTQ is like another communities in the society and we play and participate in sports and cultures with open arms and embrace our diversities in life.

 I am a self-employed consultant in Information Technology, my work is project based. I play badminton and tennis and I also do swimming in the summer.  

Hong Kong is my birth place, it is a junction for eastern and western cultures and sports, we have our successes with recognition in sports at international level. Our arts and cultures are vibrant and exciting with top level participation from around the world. We welcome visitors from all around the world with open arms and a smile.


In year 2018, when I met my friend Twiggie Snow, she ntroduced me to the Gay Games and its history. By that time, the GGHK team was bidding to host the game in Hong Kong, for the first time in Asia. Since then, Snow asked me to join GGHK as part of the team.

I am the co-founder of Van Gogh Entertainment in Hong Kong, with experience in co-ordinate with marketing, artist events. We have always been supporters of LGBT+ activities in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, China and South East Asia, including Gay Drama Performances, the Taiwan 1st Gay Marriage Couple, FJ234, Pink Dot Hong Kong and Hong Kong Pride Parade.

I love sports, including bowling, cycling, marathon, badminton, swimming and e-sports and I’m very excited to be part of the GGHK Team, because Gay Games 11 Hong Kong 2022 is a worldwide LGBT+ sport event and this is the first time to be hosted in here. 

Hong Kong is a multi-diversity society, we are a multicultural bridge between traditional Chinese culture and Western culture. You can have a traditional Yum-Cha (Chinese Dim Sum, Roast Duck) for your lunch / dinner and a taste of local restaurants for an Hong Kong-style Breakfast.

Most of the Hong Kongers can speak Cantonese, English, Mandarin and I have lots of friend, workmate,  all coming from all over the World, working together in Hong Kong.


I believe it’s important to emancipate LGBTQ+ community around the world by educating people through sport, arts & culture events – in a spirit of better understanding.

Inclusiveness, striving for personal best and participation in such historic event as Gay Games are close to my heart and I think Gay Games will make Hong Kong, my second home for over 6 years and counting, a better place.

I run a boutique consultancy which helps medical device manufacturers to develop their business in Asia and the Middle East. Besides work, I enjoy regular (almost daily) hiking to the Peak and (trail)running. I grew up next to the sea, so being into the water is among my favorite things to do.

Hong Kong excites me because it’s an inspiring place of hardworking, dedicated and diligent people, who are entrepreneurial and always strive for the best. It has a perfect combination of mountains and sea, and I like to spend my leisure time mostly in the nature and by/in water. 


I learned about the Gay Games through Out In HK. The group has been great for making friends and for inspiring me to take up trail running.

Even though I am based in Macau, Dennis Philipse introduced me to the position and I am thrilled to be able to be part of the team and to have the opportunity to work with such an amazing and passionate group of people.

Thank you to Out In HK for walking along with me through during my coming out and to the Gay Games for giving me the opportunity to contribute and give back to the community. 

Let’s make it happen together.

See you all in November 2022 at Gay Games Hong Kong!


I’ve been aware of the Gay Games since I was in Sydney in 2002, where I volunteered and participated in the Opening and Closing ceremonies. I also participated for the first time in Paris 2018 in the Half Marathon.

I’m living and working in events management in Hong Kong and the region since 2011. Over this time, I’ve met and worked with amazing people, many of whom are local LGBTQ+, some are openly out at work and family, but others are not due to family / societal pressures.

From day 1 coming to Hong Kong with my husband Lam, we’ve been open and out to all, particularly at work and client environments, where there’s still the hesitation and reluctance for LGBTQ people to be open about their lives. Our aim is to show that we are a family and you can have professional roles and growth opportunities.

Gay Games Hong Kong is a great opportunity to showcase the diversity and opportunities available to all, particularly to the local Hong Kong community and countries in the region. It will shine a light on our community, breakdown some barriers and encourage greater dialogue and acceptance for LGBTQ people. Gay Games Hong Kong is a beacon of hope for the city and region.

I love running and Hong Kong is great place for running, from the classic Bowen Road run in Central, to the fantastic and easily accessible mountain trail runs that provide stunning views and escape from the concrete jungle. It’s hard to beat.

Hong Kong excites me because of its stunning beauty and nature, but most of all its the people, their energy and resilience.


I first learned of the Gay Games back in 1994 when friends of mine returned from the New York games with gold medals in Soccer. To learn an event so massive existed, where the international LGBT+ community could gather and celebrate their diversity, made me swell with pride. I dreamed that someday I would have the opportunity to participate in such a monumental event. That dream came true in 2006 when I registered and competed in tennis at the Chicago Gay Games.

Winning the bid to bring the Gay Games to Hong Kong inspired me to step up and do everything I can to make the first Gay Games in Asia a success. I still remember the excitement and pride I felt walking onto Soldier Field (massive American Football Stadium) at the opening ceremonies of the Chicago Gay Games in 2006. I felt this tremendous sense of community.

The Asian LGBT+ community deserves the opportunity to have that moment; to experience that profound feeling of knowing they are not alone.

I moved to Hong Kong from San Francisco with my husband, Winston, in July 2015. Less than two years after our move, we welcomed our son Jonas into this world. He is an amazing little boy who keeps me VERY busy. Aside from taking care of our son, I am an avid tennis player. I started playing tennis in 2001 with the San Diego Tennis Federation (SDTF) and played my first GLTA tournament that same year. I have played GLTA tournaments off and on ever since. 

Aside from the tennis, the GLTA tournaments and various club events have been a fantastic social outlet, where I have made many friends over the years. Since moving to Hong Kong, I have had more time to play tennis and have been fortunate to meet some wonderful people that I can hit with regularly during the day. Although I was not able to play in the inaugural Out in HK GLTA tournament, I was able to participate in the 2018 and 2019 tournaments, as well as a couple of tournaments in Australia!

It is an exciting time for the LGBT+ community in Hong Kong. Although Winston and I both struggled with the idea of moving to a city where we believed the “gay scene” or movement was nonexistent, we learned shortly after moving to here that the LGBT+ movement and community
was alive and flourishing. Since moving to Hong Kong, we have been introduced to numerous LGBT+ events, organisations, and activities. We were here to witness High Court Victories giving spousal visa rights to married couples (QT case) as well as taxation and spousal benefits
to married couples (thank you Angus and Scott!).


I want to be part of GGHK Team to help make this event successful. As I keen on table-tennis, hope
everyone participate in the event will get a happy experience and make good friendship.

I play table-tennis twice a week and enjoy it much. After work, I enjoy shopping, karaoke and
cooking at home.


Hi, my name is Tommy Liu, volunteering for GGHK2022 as Chinese social media manager.

I had read few reports online for Gay GAMES, and seem it’s very interesting and fun sport event for the LGBTQ community.

I know a few great people who are volunteering for LGBTQ organisations, some of them help
people to understand what it means to be gay, how to accept themselves and in many ways they inspired me to help others in return for the help I’ve received from them.

There have many reasons why people love Hong Kong so much. As a Chinese born in the 80s, Hong Kong TV shows and movies were big part of my life in childhood and youth. I’m familiar with 尖沙嘴、铜锣湾、中环… and when I arrived in HK for the first time, it looked like I knew this place for a long time, and I didn’t feel like an outsider. I Love Hong Kong food, and particularly Hong Kong’s Dim-Sum tradition. This town will always have a special place in my heart, because of its International and cosmopolitan environment; its energy, diversity, crowds; its architecture, shops, food and nightlife.. All these excites me, and makes myself and everyone else eager to come back again.


Having left the Netherlands in 2000, I have lived in Asia for the last 17+ years of which I’ve been fortunate enough to call Hong Kong home for the last 12 years.

Honestly, prior to the committee putting forward the hosting bid for Hong Kong to stage the 11th edition of the Gay Games, I didn’t even know the Gay Games existed.

Over the years and from
the sidelines, I’ve watched the entire bidding process unfold on social media, Hong Kong win and the team of volunteers grow.

Fast forwarding to 2020, Dennis Philipse’s inspiring TEDxWanchai 2019 talk video resurfaced on my social media feed, which was shortly followed by a GGHK Facebook post advertising the Event & Operations Manager position. My passion for events and wanting to somehow contribute – to what I believe is a true milestone for Hong Kong
and the LGBTQ+ community in Asia – , is what made me take a chance and apply for the volunteer position, and the rest is history.

With my career in marketing, public relations and events, as the Events & Operations Manager, it excites me to be part of history in hosting one of the world’s biggest queer events, to make an impact, and create an all-inclusive, diverse and fun Festival Village with one-of-a-kind events, activities and activations.

Hong Kong for me means diversity. Its hodgepodge of different cultures, beliefs and communities. It has this unexplainable vibrancy and energy that not all world cities possess. And last but certainly not least, it offers exciting opportunities and endless options. To me it’s a city of pleasant contradictions; one can make it rain and dine at a Michelin star restaurant or go cheap and cheerful dumplings at a ‘hole in the wall dining destination’. One can live the fast life in the hustle ‘n bustle of Hong Kong Island or Kowloon or choose the quaint and quiet live in one of the city’s many outlying villages and islands.

And yes – in case you are wondering – I live in Mau Po village, a stone’s throw away from 5 hiking trails, High Junk Peak, Green Egg Island and Clear Water Bay Beach II.

Speaking of Hong Kong offering endless options served on a silver platter, on weekends one enjoy a somewhat-slightly sinful junk, work up a sweat in one of the many gyms, park it on one of the many beaches, get together for a boozy brunch, keep it low key and enjoy the latest cinema blockbuster or fuel your feed with an instagrammable art exhibition or live performance.

Together with the events team I hope to build a welcoming festival village that reflects Hong Kong’s diversity and these ‘pleasant contradictions’ while capturing that effervescence and abundance that the city, which I call home, has to offer.





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