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Hong Kong is a city of so many diverse cultures, a treasure chest of traditions, a melting pot of languages and home to a population of 7.7 million people.

The Gay Games have never before been held in Asia, geographically the world’s largest continent and home to an estimated 221 million LGBT+ people. But Asia is also a region where there is an on-going struggle to overcome homophobia and acceptance. 

We believe that hosting the Gay Games for the first time in Asia will be an amazing experience for the whole world: for people who have never been to Asia, it will be a chance to experience the kindness, the culture, the food and the different ways of life of this part of the world.

For people from Asia it will be a great opportunity to join the event close to their homes. It will be a never-to-be-forgotten experience to Participate, to strive for their Personal Best and to feel the Inclusiveness of joining an event that’s bigger than themselves in a sport, arts & culture event festival together with more than 12,000 participants and >75,000 spectators.

GGHK stands for Unity in Diversity. Everyone is welcome to participate regardless of what you look like, age, ability, background, or sexual identity, because we believe that GGHK will bring our diverse communities together.

We can’t wait to see you in Hong Kong – Asia’s World City, 11-19 November 2022. Thanks for your continued support! #UnityInDiversity.

Warm regards,

DENNIS PHILIPSE, Founder, Co-chair 

LISA LAM, Co-chair & Legal Counsel



Gay Games is a 9-day international world-class diversity festival with multi-sports, arts & culture events and opening & closing ceremonies organised by the LGBTQ+ Community (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, +) every 4 years. Everyone is welcome to participate regardless of what you look like, your age, ability, background, sexual orientation or gender.

The goal of the Gay Games is to empower LGBTQ+ people around the world by educating people through sport, arts & culture events —in a spirit of better understanding. The Gay Games are organised by Gay Games Hong Kong under license of the Federation of Gay Games.

Founded in San Francisco in 1982 by Dr. Tom Waddell, the Gay Games have become the world’s largest sporting and cultural event led by LGBTQ+ sport participants, artists, and musicians.

Our Mission:

Unity in diversity.

Our Guiding Principles:

Participation, Inclusion and Personal Best.

Important Guidelines and Policies:

Dignity and Fairness Policy
Our dignity and fair treatment policy explains how we prevent discrimination and protect everyone involved in GGHK from offensive and harmful behaviours. The policy can be found here.

Gender Inclusion Policy
To best promote Participation, Inclusion, and Personal Best we have endeavoured to develop and implement a policy that will support the inclusion of every gender, as well as a safe and fair competition for all, across all of our sports and cultural events. The policy can be found here.

Health and Wellbeing Policy
To preserve and improve the health and well- being of participants, before, during, and after the Gay Games. Our health and wellbeing policy that allows for safe and fair events for all. Our health and wellbeing policy can be found here.

Code of Conduct
The best play is fair play and we ask that everyone involved with GGHK adheres to our code of conduct. This includes our participants, coaches, trainers, managers and officials. Our code of conduct can be found here.

What happens if things go wrong?
If anyone involved in GGHK has a problem or needs to raise a concern this policy describes the steps to take.