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With daily performances, art and photo exhibitions, and a closing Gala Performance Showcase Event at the Festival Village, we welcome you to enjoy our rich Arts & Culture calendar of events:

  • Come see the most comprehensive exhibition of Asian LGBTQ+ contemporary art in the world.
  • 5 nights of international artists’ performances at the Festival Village featuring dance, band, choir, cheer, and much more!
  • A massive new media showcase of immersive, interactive, digital arts and design.
  • A visual arts exhibition celebrating young LGBT artists in Hong Kong.
  • The International Rainbow Memorial Relay.
  • A moving memorial service for those in our community we have lost in our AIDS Memorial Quilt Garden.
  • Custom APP features and games to keep yourselves updated and enjoy the Games from anywhere.
  • A spectacular Opening Ceremony celebrating Hong Kong and the spirit of the Games and featuring international artists, performances, lights, music and a mass Choir in the Hong Kong Stadium.
  • Locally-produced events within Film, Theatre, Spoken Word Sections and more!


We are seeking groups that represent diversity, inclusion, and empowerment to perform in the Festival Village: in front of the iconic Hong Kong skyline for one of the most loving audiences in the world.

Gay Games stages are offered for established groups to participate, so start forming your band, vocal group or dance squad now. Any style is welcome because everyone is welcome.

All groups will join together on one night to perform together during the Gala Performance Showcase on the Festival Village stage.

Your group does not have to be ‘gay’, just support inclusion, diversity, and empowerment. This is a celebration of friends who share a perspective for a better world.

Performances become events that offer opportunities for the thousands of athletes and their supporters to meet, socialise, relax and make new friends.

Participation categories are 

  • Instrumental music (band or orchestra)
  • Vocal Group
  • Dance 
  • Performance Art and Cheer

Groups should be ‘chartered’ (a dated agreement among your team when you decided to form your act).


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